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LeEco teams up with automakers to develop autonomous cars

Published: March 18,2016| Beijing

Chinese tech company LeEco Holdings co. held a press conference to roll-out its business strategy regarding connected cars.

“Based on the principle of “Opening-up”, we are keen to collaborate with the entire auto industry to rebuild the latter’s ecosystem”, said Ding Lei, head of LeEco’s car development arm.

Named “SEE project”, the company’s  auto-connected blueprint aims at becoming of the important carriers in the process of connecting the internet with the intelligence of the auto sector.

During the press meeting three domestic auto manufacturers , including BAIC motor, BYD and Dongfeng motor have respectively signed cooperation agreements with LeEco for embedding the company’s connected car system- ecolink in selected products.

Being the first strategic partner among the three enterprises, BAIC Motor announced its “ecolink” supported blade electric vehicle-EU 260 at the Guangzhou International Motor  show held last November.

“We’ll further collaborate with LeEco in establishing an open auto ecosystem,” said ZhangYong, general manager of BJEV, a BAIC group subsidiary that produces new energy vehicles.

“Our cooperation will not only be limited to products and services, but also reflects our successful experiences at our respective industries” Zhang added.

According to He Yi CEO of LeEco’s auto connected system, by relying on its global innovative R&D team, the company’s platform will revolutionalise traditional driving experience and provide a new business model for partners that work on automobile supply chain.

“Currently, ecolink has been available for automobile application content providers, such as map navigators, audio players and news radios to embed on the and the accessibility of software development kit (SDK) ,including the ability to monitor the condition of the automobile, voice controls and mobile payments, which will also be open to third party developers ,” said He.

For drivers whose car lacks on-board Bluetooth-connected radios, map navigators and voice controls , LeEco presents a solution with set that includes a Bluetooth receiver and a mobile controller attached to the steering wheel.

Three on-board electronic solutions providers including Shenzhen-based HSAE, Huizhou based ADAYO and Desay SV automotive, have also signed cooperation deal with LeEco.

Next month, the concept vehicle of LeEco’s auto subsidiary arm is expected to be on display at the Beijing International Auto Show and the company will also jointly launch a new connected car system with BYD.

Source: China daily


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