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Mercedes-Benz to introduce cloud-based apps for Indian models

Published: April 19, 2015 | Bangalore, India

Mercedes Benz has introduced cloud based apps for its many of its most popular automobile lineups. The feature is being released within Mercedes Benz automobiles that are being built specifically for the Indian market, however, other regions will likely get the same type of features and functionality.

When consumers go to purchase their Mercedes Benz, they can get the COMAND Online add-on, which gives the owner a smart device that sits on the center dashboard of the car. The device, which looks like a tablet, gives the driver push button access to a cornucopia of apps for their car. With the COMAND Online system, drivers can get real-time weather updates, stock quotes, news that is read aloud by the car’s computer and on-demand driving directions. Users can also use the device to gain access to websites, streaming music, podcasts and more.

CarTrade reports that the CLS 250 CDI and the new E-Class Cabriolet will be among the first Mercedes produced that have this feature built in. The device itself does not use a sovereign data network; the COMAND Online system uses Bluetooth to tether to your mobile device. Once tethered, COMAND Online uses the data plan bundled to your mobile device in order to facilitate bandwidth for the car’s cloud connected apps.

Source: Cloud Wedge


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