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SK Telecom IoT-based Smart Car solutions

Published: April 20, 2015 | Seoul, South Korea

SK Telecom released an Internet of Things (IoT) smart car solution to manage a car with a smartphone, named the “Smart Auto Scan,” on April 13.


A Smart Auto Scan provides detailed information about the car, helping with its management and convenient driving environment. Specifically, its function includes auto scan detection, scan driving, and eco-mode, as well as monitoring the car for malfunctions and showing them and their locations if one is found.

The Auto Scan feature helps the driver easily identify the vehicle condition, and includes 157 different codes for ways that the car can break down, 51 types of driving record, and 19 types of sensor information. The Scan Drive feature provides vehicle condition monitoring, eco-index, and black box software, using T-map traffic information. It also has eco-mode, providing a real-time fuel efficiency ranking, and a car diary, providing a periodic driving record.

The Smart Auto Scan feature consists of an exclusive scanner and mobile application set. The driver can easily use it, as they sets up the scanner on the On-board Diagnostics (OBD2) port, and download the application. The scanner can be set up in gasoline and diesel vehicles having OBD2.

Source: SK Telecom


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