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Telematics industry status and applications report from Juniper Research

Juniper Research
Juniper Research

Juniper research has rolled out a report on telematics in terms of the automotive industry, analyzing the sector’s current status, consumer & commercial applications. The comprehensive report examines the entire telematics market-place from both a consumer and a commercial outlook.  It focuses on the vehicular telematics industry from a broad range of use-cases, by segregating the sector into commercial and consumer telematics and also weighing the impact of the app/smartphone ecosystem and the emerging insurance telematics and stolen vehicle recovery sectors. The report also discusses the key drivers supporting the industry as well as the hurdles ahead. The report also covers the number of vehicles with insurance telematics & stolen vehicle recovery, along with subscription costs and service revenues.

The forecast cover is five years i.e. 2011-2016 and the report covers:

Smart Infotainment:  The report explores the contribution of the smartphone in bringing the mobile internet into the in-car environment. Readers will gain in-depth understanding of the market for smartphone tethering and the potential revenues from the emerging in-vehicle multimedia environment.

Status, Trends, Applications:  The report examines the current scenario of Telematics industry and its future prospects.  Readers will get comprehensive information on the key technologies driving the growing of the mobile ecosystem along with the collapse of most promising applications spurring the market forward.

Drivers & Hurdles Pinpointed: The report analyzes the major opportunities and hurdles prevailing within the telematics market, identifying the efficiency gains in the commercial telematics, the game-changing nature of smartphone tethering in consumer telematics as well as the identifying the prospective hurdles that characterize the market.



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