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Mercedes-Benz Mobility Korea acquires Star-Rent-A-Car Korea

Mercedes-Benz Mobility Korea (MBMK) can now offer premium mobility services across the entire dealer network across the country

Mercedes-Benz Mobility Korea (MBMK) announced that it has completed the acquisition of Star-Rent-A-Car Korea (SRCK). Star-Rent-A-Car Korea has been specializing in long-term car rentals in the Korean market since 2014. The consolidated car rental business of MBMK and SRCK operates under the MBMK brand. MBMK, a subsidiary of Daimler Mobility, was founded in 2019 and offers long-term car rentals in the premium segment to customers in Korea.

With the acquisition, MBMK strengthens its position in the Korean market. With SRCK’s experience in long-term car rentals, MBMK improves the customer experience for flexible and efficient mobility solutions. MBMK provides mobility services across the country through its network of 59 dealers.

“I am delighted that this merger will enable us to better serve customer needs in Korea. In the past five years, the Korean car rental market has grown strongly, especially in the premium segment, and Mercedes-Benz has a top position here, ”says Guillaume Fritz, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Mobility Korea. “We will offer bespoke mobility solutions that meet the different needs of Korean customers by giving them quick, easy and digitally controlled access to Mercedes-Benz vehicles,” he adds.

“This deal shows the importance of the Korean market for Daimler Mobility AG,” says Yvonne Rosslenbroich, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Mobility AG, responsible for the Asia-Pacific, Africa & China region. “We decided to acquire SRCK in order to better serve the needs of our Korean customers. We will continue to listen to our customers in Korea and expand our vast mobility ecosystem to offer flexible products that make our customers’ lives easier, “she added.

Daimler Mobility AG is shaping the future of mobility with comprehensive and flexible solutions from ownership to flexible use. Mercedes-Benz Mobility Korea was founded in 2019 and is the first organization established in Asia to offer mobility solutions tailored to the needs of the Korean market.

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