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Mezzo Panel technology of Magna for electric vehicles

Magna is reimagining the face and functionality of electric vehicle front ends with its new Mezzo Panel technology. The fully integrated Mezzo Panel provides a fresh canvas for designers and an opportunity for engineers to seamlessly integrate advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) capabilities like radar, cameras, and lighting.

The Magna Mezzo Panel features hidden-until-lit lighting, meaning the surface looks clean and smooth until the lighting is activated, enabling creative and innovative lighting options. There is also space for animated lighting that communicates vehicle intent and status alerts. Active aerodynamic technology can also be added to improve vehicle range while also providing a futuristic look.

Future iterations of the technology may feature sustainable materials, such as environmentally friendly plastics, coatings, and films, that would further accelerate automakers’ commitment to sustainability. Those materials also enable signal transmission, enabe seamless integration of ADAS sensors.

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