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Nauto releases new white paper titled, “Measure & Reduce Risk in Fleets”

Nauto® released a new white paper detailing the data-backed analyses that connect the reduction in risky driving behaviors to fewer collisions and loss reductions.

The paper titled, “Measure & Reduce Risk in Fleets,” details how its advanced AI fleet safety platform uses real-time data to help improve driver performance and help reduce collisions by as much as 80%, transforming the way organizations approach to risk, safety, and operations.

The in-depth white paper profiles two customer stories; the first features a major global package shipping fleet that experienced an 82% improvement in collision reduction and an 84% improvement in loss reduction; the second features a large last mile delivery fleet that experienced a 92% reduction in distractions without any direct management involvement.

“Nauto works with some of the largest fleets in the transport industry that are driving millions of miles each day in an environment where collisions and fatalities are near record levels,” said Yoav Banin, Chief Product Office at Nauto. “Our clients are urgently looking for better collision risk mitigation solutions. This paper establishes the important correlation between Nauto’s AI-powered platform and a measurable reduction in risk factors. The proof is shown in tangible customer performance and ROI data after deploying Nauto.”

According to a study by NHTSA, more than 94% of collisions are attributable to driver error, and of those incidents, a majority stem from risk factors that include distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, and improper turns. While many of today’s telematics-based systems track the ABCs of driver risk: acceleration, braking and cornering, these and other solutions do not provide the full measure of risk, which means fleets and their insurance carriers are relying on lagging metrics and after-event reviews.

Risky behavior can be mitigated in real-time, to help prevent collisions. Nauto tracks analyze and detect risk both inside and outside the vehicle in real-time, providing preventative warnings that give drivers critical extra time in which to respond. These warnings take advantage of more than 1.3 billion AI-processed driving miles to make them highly accurate, helping to eliminate issues around alert fatigue from false alerts.

Recently, Nauto announced a number of new features that can help prevent risky situations, including notifications and warnings for pedestrian collision, speeding over the posted limit, intersection violations, and progressive fatigue and drowsiness. With these additions, Nauto’s in-vehicle alerts and AI-informed driver coaching address over 90 percent of weighted collision risk factors as identified by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

“Driver safety and training are the foundation of fleet success. We are committed to using data, analytics and cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers have the best possible solution to improve driver performance,” added Banin.

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