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Netradyne partners Indian transporter for fleet-wide advanced road safety tech

Bengaluru-based fleet safety and management solution provider Netradyne has signed a five-year pact with B.D Dhalla Transport, a transport company headquartered in Mumbai. As per this partnership, Netradyne will provide intelligence solutions to Dhalla Transport for its strategic fleet management decisions in the company’s bid to mitigate on-road incidents.

The company selected Netradyne’s AI-powered embedded technology to provide fleet management services to its customers. Netradyne’s Driveri technology will provide clear insights into driving behavior through real-time monitoring systems and real-time driver coaching. An analytical report will also be generated as part of the service, which will assist in devising effective improvement plans.

Jehaan Dhalla, Director, B.D. Dhalla Transport said, “We were thoroughly impressed by the Netradyne’s Driver•i product and continue to discover new benefits of using the solution with each successive month. With this engagement, we are sure that we will be equipped to deliver top-tier safety levels to our employees and business partners, as well as all other users on the Indian roads,”.

Durgadutt Nedungadi, Vice President, International Business, Netradyne said, “We are pleased to engage with B. D. Dhalla Transport, a company that comes with a solid six decades of experience in diverse logistics services. I am confident that our AI-enabled and vision-based technology solutions will help the company deliver on its mission of maintaining the finest level of road safety standards in the industry.”

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