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Neuron Energy Pvt Ltd. set to expand its footprint through a tie-up with E-Ashwa

Neuron Energy Pvt Ltd, a bootstrapped start-up successfully establishing itself in the battery manufacturing segment supplying Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid batteries to the EV sector in India, announced its strategic tie-up with EV Giant E-Ashwa Automotive. The purchase order includes 600 battery packs per month and 10,000 battery packs annually. It is therefore estimated that the deal will close at a whopping Rs 2 crores a month and Rs 30 crores annually. 

Commenting on the association, Pratik Kamdar, Co-Founder, of Neuron Energy says, “By partnering with E-Ashwa Automotive, Neuron Energy Pvt Ltd will expand its distribution network and offer environmentally friendly transportation in India. As a result of this tie-up, both companies will have the opportunity to provide their customers with high-quality battery packs and extend their reach across the country. Also, we believe that our batteries will positively impact the environment and help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India. Furthermore, this will provide the platform for the growth of domestic players in the space and give the much-needed impetus to the “Make in India” and “Vocal for Local” movements. Also, it will parallelly aid us in penetrating every nook and corner of the country thus ensuring our reach everywhere.” 

With rising eco-consciousness among general people coupled with rising prices of fossil fuels and ICE vehicles getting tough on the pockets to maintain, electric vehicles are becoming more appealing as an alternative. So eco-friendly batteries are designed to provide an efficient and clean source of electricity for electric vehicles. These batteries provide a variety of benefits that will revolutionize the Indian electric vehicle industry. Additionally, these batteries offer superior performance, with faster charging times and extended ranges.

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