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Paragon Software announces availability of Paragon File System SDK for embedded developers

Paragon File System (Paragon FS) is a new, AUTOSAR compliant file system designed with flash memory in mind. It focuses on flash memory longevity and performance under the heaviest use cases and fits a wide range of hardware—from tiny, low-resource IoT devices to heavy automotive virtual cockpits.

Paragon Software has over two decades of file system implementation development experience. It all began with the implementation of NTFS for DOS, which was developed back in 2000. Since then, Paragon Software has provided hundreds of commercial implementations for virtually every existing file system and nearly every known operating system, including pre-OS environments such as UEFI.

The increasing demands of the automotive industry, IoT, and autonomous industrial systems over the last decade have revealed the need for a configurable, adaptable, modular and certifiable file system with a focus on flash longevity and performance. None of the existing file systems comply with this set of requirements, and their use turns out to be a bit of a compromise.

Paragon FS was developed from scratch, and its architecture complies with the requirements of Realtime OSes and is fail-safe by design. Paragon FS consists of independent modules, so that unneeded modules do not increase the footprint or affect performance. Additionally, Paragon FS has modules like VFS and various levels of cache to fine-tune performance, which provide flexible integration in various OSes and pre-OS environments.

Paragon FS provides performance similar to modern file systems, with the distinct advantage of being far more advanced regarding the specific requirements necessary for supporting embedded flash memory.

The stability and quality of Paragon FS is assured by over two decades of Paragon Software experience in developing commercial file system implementations. Paragon FS has passed comprehensive internal quality assurance and test procedures for file system implementations. This process includes over 160,000 tests developed by Paragon Software over the past two decades for its thousands of commercial embedded customers, thus ensuring optimal performance and stability for Paragon FS regardless of environment. Paragon Software used the same proprietary quality assurance process so that its open-source NTFS3 implementation runs smoothly in Linux Kernel 5.15 and future versions of Linux, where Paragon Software serves the role of an NTFS3 code Maintainer. This QA process will continue to grow over time and include new tests and cases that Paragon Software encounters with its wide range of file system implementations.

The Paragon FS SDK package is currently available for developers to integrate with their embedded solution. Included with the package are binary libraries for x86 and ARM architectures, a developer guide, Paragon FS API reference manuals, and the source code for a FUSE-based Linux implementation of Paragon FS as a simple integration example. In addition to the simple FUSE integration, a QNX Resource Manager implementation is also available for Paragon FS. Paragon Software has already assisted its existing customers with Paragon FS integration into Linux, QNX, and some other Real Time operating systems. Customers are free to either perform Paragon FS integration on their own, based on the Paragon FS SDK package, or choose to have Paragon Software complete the Paragon FS integration. In the latter case, Paragon Software offers full test coverage for the entire Paragon FS integration with the customer’s environment.

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