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Nationwide to launch SmartMiles auto insurance solution

Nationwide is launching SmartMilesSM, a new auto insurance solution for low-mileage drivers.

With consumer adaptation and increased comfort level with telematics technology in mind, the company developed SmartMiles for its low-mileage driving members that can provide substantial savings on their auto insurance premium.

SmartMiles uses a small device to track the miles driven by that vehicle. Members can keep tabs on their miles driven through the member portal. It allows Nationwide members to pay for the miles they drive, providing more control over the cost of their auto insurance.

Nationwide members in multiple-car households will now have an option to select a auto insurance program for each vehicle. This personalization affords drivers the opportunity to create a policy that best suits the distinct auto insurance needs of a household. Members now have options beyond a one-policy-fits-all approach or requiring separate policies for multiple vehicles.

There are no contracts or long-term requirements for the program. Should a member or a household’s driving patterns change, they can move their vehicle from SmartMiles to SmartRide at any time.

Source: Press Release


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