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Pay-Per-Mile insurance by Mile Auto

Mile Auto is a pay-per-mile auto insurance company that relies on its patented computer vision technologies

Mile Auto has launched its privacy-focused pay-per-mile insurance product in Oregon and Illinois, US.

Mile Auto is a pay-per-mile auto insurance company using patented computer vision technologies to help low mileage drivers save money. For lower-mileage drivers, Mile Auto offers significant savings by charging only for the exact number of miles driven.

The company claims that its pay-per-mile model can save low mileage drivers 30-40% over traditional rates, by charging customers only for the miles they drive plus a low monthly base rate.

Rather than using invasive tracking devices or always-on smartphone apps to monitor driving and mileage, Mile Auto asks drivers to simply use their smartphone to snap a photo of their odometer once a month. Through its patented computer vision technology, Mile is able to verify the vehicle and the mileage reading from only the photo.

As of today, Mile Auto insurance is available to drivers in Oregon and Illinois through independent insurance agents and will be expanding to other states in the near future.


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