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Progressive chooses Censio to develop Snapshot UBI smartphone app

Published: September 3, 2015 | Ohio, United States

Safe drivers can soon earn discounts on their auto insurance using just their mobile phones. Progressive® Insurance has formally chosen Censio to develop the software for the insurance company’s leading usage-based insurance program, Snapshot. The company will begin a pilot of the mobile app with select customers across the country in mid-September.

The Snapshot® mobile app will automatically monitor and measure drivers’ data—such as time of day, mileage and hard braking—to potentially earn a discount on auto insurance through Progressive’s program. At the end of each trip, the mobile app will give drivers personalized information, including a one to five star rating, a data summary, a map of their drive, and tailored driving tips, to help them improve their score. New Snapshot customers will have the option to use either the Snapshot app, available for both iOS and Android operating systems, or the traditional telematics device.

Censio is a Boston-based company dedicated to developing mobile technologies for usage-based insurance. The developer’s partnership with Progressive will put its app in consumers’ hands for the first time. Censio was the winner in an eleven company competition Progressive held in 2014 for developers to create an app that performed as well as Progressive’s Snapshot device. Following the customer pilot this year, Progressive and Censio will apply learnings and real customer feedback to the final app, which will come to market starting in 2016.

Source: Progressive


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