Insurance Telematics

Talksum launches ‘insurance telematics’ solution for handling big data



US: Talksum, Inc has unveiled its insurance telematics solution for handling massive amounts of disparate Big Data for insurance providers. Designed to accelerate real-time decisions, the Talksum solution improves data acquisition and transformation, and converts any type of structured and semi-structured data into flexibly managed event streams, tailored to insurance telematics systems.

The Talksum solution can, in essence, be seen as that common ground. The product handles disparate data sets from multiple companies and can format the data in real time, as well as enrich the data by correlating events with other external data sources. The Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR) ingests, normalizes, filters, data reduces, monitors, aggregates, enriches, analyzes, and routes live streams to the targeted insurance system.

Alex Varshavsky, founder and CEO of Talksum, said: “It’s difficult for insurance companies to keep up with constantly changing policies, requirements, regulations, and compliance mandates. The Talksum solution deals with their data and these other factors so that the insurance companies don’t run into regulatory and compliance problems.”
The Talksum solution ingests and normalizes any type of data. Since the Talksum Data Stream solution is hardware-based, it is easy to deploy and implement and is highly configurable without the need for specialized coding.



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