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Telefónica partners with Sparkassen DirektVersicherung to launch insurance telematics solutions in Germany

Telefónica recently announced that its German subsidiary has signed a deal with Sparkassen DirektVersicherung to bring the first insurance telematics product to Germany starting this month. The product will offer significant security services and the potential for consumers to save money on their car insurance. It will also encourage safer driving, while at the same time securely protecting personal driving data. The product is a M2M solution based on Telefónica’s Insurance Telematics service.

Drivers opting for the service from Sparkassen DirektVersicherung will have a telematics box installed in their car. This offers a number of benefits to the driver, including:

Accident notification – the box will automatically notify the emergency services in the event of a major accident, saving valuable time Driving behaviour – the box provides feedback to drivers on their driving behaviour, offering the potential for lower insurance premiums based on adopting more careful ways of driving. The best driver each month will receive free insurance for three months Car tracking in the event that the car is stolen

The service is backed by stringent security and data protection measures, ensuring that only the driver can access their personal driving information and travelled routes. Sparkassen DirektVersicherung only receives aggregated driving scores and the number of kilometers driven each month.

This announcement follows the launch of Telefónica’s Insurance Telematics product in Germany earlier this year.

The service from Sparkassen DirektVersicherung will be available to consumers in Germany from this month. There will be a range of different premiums available, making this a cost effective option for customers. More information can be found at

Source: Telefónica


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