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Zubie Teen – an app for teenage drivers

Published: 12 September 2016

Zubie Teen is the app designed exclusively for Teen Drivers, giving them insights into their own driving behavior, trip activity, and even vehicle health status.

Zubie Teen App along with Zubie’s overall turnkey UBI solution – provides in-depth data for insurance underwriting and claims management purposes. Through the Zubie device inserted in the vehicle’s OBDII port, data is collected for various aspects of the car’s performance such as RPM, miles driven, battery voltage, engine diagnostics and other elements. Zubie aggregates this data and further augments it with information on location, speeding over the posted speed limit, harsh braking, and rapid accelerations. The combined data provides a more comprehensive understanding of teen driving behavior, and provides opportunities to proactively increase safety before there are incidents or accidents.

With the Zubie Teen App, parents “invite” their teen drivers into the app which then provides access to a driving scorecard and behavior trends, alerts about engine or battery problems, driving statistics and trip logs after each trip, and coaching with tips on how to be a safer and more efficient driver.

Because teens receive specific and relevant feedback after each trip, they can connect the dots between their driving behavior and the Zubie Score, which rates drivers on how safely and efficiently they are driving. Parents can view that and additional details so they are on the same page with their teen drivers.


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