PMI Electro Mobility electric buses for Rajkot Rajpath

Delhi/ Rajkot, September 4, 2023. — India’s electric bus manufacturer, PMI Electro Mobility Solutions handed over the first tranche of 25 nine-meter electric buses to Rajkot Rajpath Ltd. Depot. PMI now has a total of 75 buses plying in Rajkot. With this flag -off PMI now runs over 1200 EV buses across the country. 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Aanchal Jain, CEO, PMI Electro Mobility Solutions said, “We are elated to hand over these electric buses to the city of Rajkot to Rajkot Rajpath Ltd.” 

“Electric buses are fast becoming a preferred choice for both commuters and operators. They offer zero tailpipe emission, lesser driving fatigue, noise-free travel, better safety features, and lesser operational costs, she further added.”

As per a report by National Institute of Urban Affairs, in Rajkot, transport contributes 21% of greenhouse gas emissions in the city. With the addition of electric buses and growing acceptance to EVs in general, this percentage is to reduce dramatically.

As per the agreement with Rajkot Rajpath Ltd, PMI will also operate and manage these electric buses. PMI has also developed dedicated tech-enabled bus depots for efficient management and running of electric buses. This provides citizens with reliable and efficient public transport services.

Each of these 9-meter buses has the capacity to clock about 180 kms daily. Safety features like panic buttons, in-built CCTV cameras, and separate corners for wheelchairs; equip them. Additionally, they have a ramp for easy entry/exit for specially enabled passengers.

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