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PTC and Cybellum partner to seamlessly integrate digital security into the product production process

A world first integration of a cyber risk assessment solution with a Systems Engineering Software (SSE) The joint solution will be showcased at the PTC SSE Virtual Symposium on February 24th

PTC and Cybellum, a leader in Automotive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, announce a partnership to deliver an integration between PTC’s Windchill RV&S and Cybellum’s platform. The joint solution will provide automated cybersecurity scanning for software developed using Windchill RV&S, to ensure compliance with all the required safety and security regulations.

PTC’s Windchill RV&S combines requirements engineering, rigorous software configuration control and test management to ensure manufacturers build the right products. The software source code and built executables are managed within Windchill RV&S, and during check-in, Cybellum’s comprehensive platform seamlessly conducts cybersecurity evaluations. Joint users can now define software security considerations early in the product life cycle, side by side with their whole product engineering process. They can then plan their implementation, calculate and manage the associated cybersecurity risks in the context of the whole product.

Software developers can also proactively test and fix the identified security or safety threats using the automatically generated, detailed guidance. This can ensure that critical safety and security vulnerabilities are identified, managed, prioritized and mitigated throughout the engineering cycle, guaranteeing that your products are safe and secure.

The joint solution also helps users to prepare for and comply with existing and upcoming cyber security regulations (such as ISO 26262 Road Vehicles Functional Safety, UN WP29 (World Forum for harmonization of Vehicle Regulation), and ISO 21434 DIS Road vehicles Cybersecurity Engineering).

“We are excited about the partnership with PTC, helping product development teams shift left by embedding cybersecurity risk assessment processes and prevent vulnerabilities early in the delivery process of software-intensive products,” said Michael Engestler, co-founder and CTO of Cybellum. “Through the unique integration with PTC Windchill RV&S we empower manufacturers to control, trace and mitigate safety and security issues early on, ultimately delivering safe and secure products.”

“We see this integration as a significant enhancement for PTC customers who are particularly concerned about the cybersecurity of the software they manage with Windchill RV&S,” said Hedley Apperly, VP SSE Products, PTC. He continued, “This automated security scanning and remediation mentoring will be invaluable to any manufacturer building software intensive products, which are vulnerable to cyber-attack.”

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