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Renesas Electronics Joins the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium

Renesas Electronics has joined the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC) as a core member. The AVCC is a group of automotive and technology industry leaders coming together to help accelerate the delivery of safe and affordable autonomous vehicles at scale.

Renesas joins leaders from across the automotive ecosystem, including vehicle OEMs, Tier1 suppliers, and other semiconductor suppliers. The companies Arm, Bosch, Continental, DENSO, General Motors, NVIDIA, NXP Semiconductors, Toyota are the founder members of the consortium.

The consortium is working to define a reference architecture and platform to meet the autonomous performance goals within the power, thermal and size constraints of a vehicle. This computing platform will be designed specifically to move today’s prototype systems to deployment at scale. The group will also develop the requirements for software APIs for each building block in an autonomous system.

The consortium brings together the expertise, knowledge and innovation with a shared goal and focused strategy. Developing an autonomous ecosystem will help the automotive industry to work together. The AVCC will facilitate and manage working groups to share ideas and study common technological challenges.

“To achieve the future of mobility, we must connect actual use cases with the requirements, technologies and ultimately– implementation required to realize autonomous vehicles,” said Masayasu Yoshida, Vice President of Renesas’ Automotive System Development Division. “The AVCC will play a pivotal role in achieving this mobility future, and we’re very excited to take part in building the framework for vehicle edge computing, combining our popular and proven R-Car SoCs with this new framework, and leading autonomous vehicle evolution together.”

Source: Press Release

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