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Repsol and Kia sign an agreement to give new momentum to electric mobility

Repsol and Kia have signed an agreement for the installation of charging points for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles as well as other services associated with electric mobility for individuals, companies and dealers. Thus, Repsol becomes Kia’s approved supplier for fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

By virtue of this agreement the South Korean firm will offer its customers in Spain the option to install the Repsol electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in their homes.

The Spanish company provides a comprehensive energy solution, with benefits in and away from home. It includes a “turnkey” installation of the home charging point, maintenance service, the option of signing up for a Repsol electricity rate adapted to each home and additional benefits, such as two free charges per month exclusively for Kia customers.

Additionally, the customers of the two companies will be able to recharge their vehicles at over 250 Repsol public points at a 50% discount if they are clients of Repsol’s domestic electricity supply. Those customers will also benefit from a credit of up to 150 euros in Waylet, Repsol’s payment application which can be used at the company’s 3,400 service stations and a wide network of businesses. The agreement also contemplates personalized electric mobility solutions for fleets, companies and dealers.

Likewise, Repsol will be the preferred installer of the electric vehicle recharging infrastructure at 220 Kia points of sale in Spain, with electricity that is guaranteed to be 100% renewable. The employees at the points of sale have been trained to offer personalized service that includes the electricity supply needs of each of their customers.

Consolidation of their partnership for mobility

Two years ago, Repsol and Kia launched WiBLE, a carsharing service in the Community of Madrid with 500 Kia Niro PHEV vehicles and 170,000 registered users, which has now surpassed 1.4 million trips.

The project combines extensive experience in mobility businesses and customer knowledge of Repsol with the know-how of Kia, which is committed to sustainable mobility with 100% electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

After signing the agreement announced, the two companies are consolidating their partnership with new services and strengthening their role as mobility leaders in Spain.

Repsol offers solutions for all types of mobility needs through the development of the most efficient fuels, the supply of AutoGas and the expansion of its network of recharging points, one of the largest in Spain, with over 250 public points, including 50 that offer fast charging, the majority of which are in service stations.

The first two ultra-fast charging points on the Iberian Peninsula, installed in 2019 at Repsol service stations enable recharging of vehicle batteries that support this technology in five to ten minutes, a time similar to that needed for conventional refueling.

The company also has signed agreements with the municipal governments of Madrid, Zaragoza, and Santander, and with the local governments of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, among others, for the operation of street recharging points for electric.

Kia, for its part, is working to become a leading brand in electrification and mobility. To do so, it has announced its “Plan S,” which represents a boost to electric vehicles and personalized mobility solutions. It currently has one of the most complete electrified ranges on the market, composed of hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and even two 100% electric models capable of covering 450 kilometers on a single charge.

Furthermore, the South Korean brand recently announced its “Kia 10 Commitments, focused on promoting the purchase of electric and plug-in vehicles by eliminating possible doubts customers may have.

Kia currently has an extensive dealer network, a total of 220 points of sale in Spain, which guarantee total coverage for all customers. These are quality facilities that, in addition to having the brand’s latest models, make high investments in recharging points for electrified cars and improve the customer experience.

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