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Seeing Machines, Magna develop rear-view mirror-based Driver Monitoring System

Seeing Machines, an advanced computer vision technology company that designs AI-powered operator monitoring systems, is collaborating with Magna on a demonstrator that features a fully integrated Driver Monitoring System (DMS) combining camera, electronics, and interior mirror technology.

The demonstrator combines Magna’s industry-leading mirror technology, camera design, integration, and packaging know-how, with Seeing Machines’ approach to optimized and co-designed optical path, embedded processing, and enhanced AI vision algorithms for DMS.

This technology addresses the critical OEM challenge associated with managing vehicle electronics integration and cost, with the need for seamless camera packaging across a diverse line of vehicle models.

Seeing Machines’ enhanced FOVIO eDME (embedded Driver Monitoring Engine) algorithms and processor optimized and accelerated software, which solves for the optimized processing footprint, low thermal dissipation, and small overall mechanical size and weight needed for a viable all-in-one mirror-based DMS solution.

Seeing Machines has further addressed the difficulties associated with a movable mirror/camera combination through innovative vision based dynamic real-time detection and calibration techniques.

While providing an effective and simplified DMS solution, the integrated mirror location also offers an effective cabin camera position and field of view, for both driver and occupant monitoring for many passenger vehicles. The camera is not too high in the vehicle cabin to obtain information critical for NCAP and regulatory standards associated with driver distraction and impairment. Nor is it too low for an expanded interior occupant view, enabling a range of safety and convenience features inside the cabin.

Building a solution that brings a fully integrated DMS into the rear-view mirror responds directly to the increasingly difficult packaging environment for carmakers with expanding infotainment and advanced driver assistance electronics complexity and ever larger cockpit displays. Working with Magna, a mobility technology company and leading supplier in mirrors and vision systems to the auto market, has brought two leading technologies together and we are looking forward to progressing opportunities to deliver this innovation to the industry more broadly.—Paul McGlone, CEO at Seeing Machines

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