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SiriusXM Guardian new automatic crash notification now available in United States

Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc., a provider of connected services to vehicle manufacturers, announced that its new ACN+ (Advanced Automatic Crash Notification) technology is now available across the US and included on select Jeep®, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Alfa Romeo models with an active SiriusXM Guardian services subscription. 

SiriusXM Guardian includes a hands-free safety service that can connect drivers with a live agent if airbags deploy. Now through ACN+, SiriusXM Guardian digitally links vehicle and crash data direct to 911 personnel so they can be notified more quickly and first responders can receive enhanced critical information about the nature and severity of the vehicle emergency before arriving at the scene. 

“ACN+ enables us for the first time to immediately send detailed information from both the vehicle and our databases direct to 911 centers,” said John Jasper, Senior Vice President and General Manager at SiriusXM Connected Vehicle. “We are very pleased that SiriusXM Guardian subscribers are the first customers to receive ACN+.  We’ve dedicated ourselves to continuously improving emergency response and are thrilled to offer one of the leading advanced ACN products in the US.  This next generation technology provides emergency responders substantially more information faster, helping them make quicker decisions about the resources needed at the crash scene that could help save lives.”

SiriusXM Connected Vehicle introduced ACN+ commercially in August of 2020 to provide automated, enhanced safety information, including vehicle location, vehicle data (make/model/color/year), customer data (account owner / phone), and detailed crash information to 911 and first responders through the RapidSOS emergency response data platform, saving valuable response time. If the customer has a linked MedicAlert account, first responders will also be able to access medical data valuable in an emergency—especially if a driver or passenger is unresponsive. The technology behind ACN+ can also be used to digitally relay vehicle, customer and linked MedicAlert account information to 911 with a driver or passenger-initiated SOS emergency button press.

Through SiriusXM Connected Vehicle’s exclusive relationship with RapidSOS, ACN+ can connect and digitally share incident data to over 4,800 Emergency Communications Centers which cover more than 92% of the US population by geography.

Without this integration, emergency incident information must be verbally communicated to 911, a process with greater risk of error that entails more time than simply relaying the same information via a data transmission.

The ACN+ solution is far superior to 911 calls initiated through a caller’s cell phone due to the capabilities to immediately share significant vehicle incident information regarding the impacts on the driver and passenger after a crash event. 

Currently over two million select Jeep®, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Alfa Romeo models, year 2019 and newer, are capable of receiving SiriusXM Guardian services in the United States and their drivers and passengers will now all have access to this enhanced safety feature with an active subscription. 

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