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Skywell launches new smart EV brand Skyworth Auto

Sky-well New Energy Automobile Group Co. Ltd., a Chinese new energy automobile manufacturer chaired by the founder of Skyworth group Huang Hongsheng, officially launched on April 27 the brand “Skyworth Auto”, which is designed to be built into a marque for smart new energy vehicles.

Skywell and the Chinese electronics giant Skyworth signed in late March an agreement under which Skyworth will transfer the ownership of 11 trademarks related to vehicles for the locomotion by land, air, and water to Skywell. Upon completion of the trademark transfer, “Skyworth Auto” will be brought under the management of the Nanjing-headquartered NEV maker.

The automaker said it has hammered out a product strategy “2+4+N” for the newborn brand. To be specific, the Skyworth-branded vehicles will be built on two all-electric vehicle platforms, namely “BE” and “CE”; from 2020-2025, at least four all-new full-electric models under the brand will be rolled out, and a full-fledged product matrix that treats all-electric models as the focus, while those with hybrid systems and other types of powertrains as accessory, will be formed in the future. Moreover, Skyworth Auto will keep strengthening itself by leveraging several intelligent technologies of the “Sky” technology series.

Skywell founded in 2019 the subsidiary Coolwell, which works on providing automakers with AI solutions. Coolwell developed the Skylink intelligent & connected system that enables an AI-enabled full-time voice interaction for automobiles and the car-home connectivity.

Other products from the “Sky” series include SkyDRIVE, SkyPOWER, SkySafety, and SkyPILOT that focuses on autonomous driving system.

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