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Smart and Shared Mobility – The Overview,definition and future

Smart Mobility can be indicated as smart  movement or transportation from a place to another that optimises the time , Cost and Environmental effect . So any mode like Car sharing is a means of saving all the 3 times as it will help in reducing traffic on roads , Cost as it will help in optimal vehicle travel and in turn the environmental impact also. Any technology enabled mode of ride like ride through any mobile application will help you to get vehicles at doorstep within limited time and budget as well you can select the pickup and drop as per your requirements and can find the pool of vehicles to select the vehicle as per your need is also a means of smart mobility .In Simple words Smart mobility is a new and revolutionary way of thinking about how we get around  – one that is cleaner, safer, and more efficient medium . It indicates – Zero Emissions, Zero Accidents, Zero Ownership.

Future of Smart Mobility
Smart mobility has grown exponentially in the last few decades and it will continue in the near future as AI will play its part in upcoming decades . If we compare the public transport system of a few decades earlier to our latest public transport system we will find it has improved in aspects like real-time timetabling and route optimisation , digital tracking , cashless travel etc that was missing some decades ago . With the aid of AI the future of flying cars and public transport has been added to – to do list that will create milestones in the smart mobility sector. Recently, Hyundai talked about their aim and seriousness about flying cars and said the flying car efforts have been increased and the air taxi will land in the market by the end of 2025 . The Problems related to traffic signals breach and Parking solutions also have been solved without any man power use and in some cases the research is still going on to automate the vehicle to a central corresponder tower to get each and every solution against which problem is raised to it , Two such most common solutions have been predicted by below images . The first image predicts the signal surveillance and second predicts about the parking space that is integrated to a mobile device and central tower and step by step working has been explained in the images only how technology is going to play a vital role to make the mobility smarter .

Smart Parking Guide operated by sensors 

Shared Mobility
Shared Mobility is the term used to define the vehicles without ownership to whom the public can use for short term drives on hourly or day basis rental. Shared Mobility is also becoming smart in various aspects . This sector has increased by multiplier in the past 2-3 decades . With the development of technology a lot of startups and Market players are coming to market with their own cab or motor bike sharing model . Investors even invest  megabucks in such setups seeing the future of the concept . Uber is a well known international brand of this category . But in recent years this shared mobility has taken a turn to become more smarter as Electric vehicles are entering the pool making the ride experience less costlier , more comfortable , less environmental impacts .App Working on one such mobility solution is shown below in which user can book a ride as per his requirement of route , type of vehicle without owning the vehicle but renting it for some time slot only .

Shared Mobility as a public sector even getting smart as we are focused on routing of the public buses and concerned about the timings as shown by the tracking of different public vehicles at a bus stop.

Types of Smart Mobility
Smart mobility services include all of these public transport with real time tracking , Sharing mobility, Mobility as a service – means these tech enabled vehicles to serve customers as per their needs , Smart logistics movements with real time tracking or the mobility via aerial drones . But this is not all where smart mobility is limited. The feature of auto driving and Parking mode of Tesla is also one of the cases of smart mobility.

Scope and Target Areas of Smart Mobility
The major scope and target are of Smart Mobility is to control the harm to environment. Even  the European Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral in 2050.The major component to control the climate change is taken as the change in mobility sector to adopt a way of transport that is cleaner . Clean Energy future is highly concerned from Commision side .

Overall , the Smart and Shared mobilities are the future of mobility sector and going to disrupt market in upcoming 10-20 Years single handly .

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