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Smart Driving Labs (SDL) launched SDL Tools, a set of pre-built ready-to-use modular elements

Cloud-based auto data management solutions developer Smart Driving Labs (SDL) has launched SDL Tools, a set of pre-built ready-to-use modular elements for deploying connected transportation infrastructure. Using this solution will allow any company to create businesses based on Connected Car technologies in a short time and with minimal investment.

SDL solutions are based on a secure cloud infrastructure and special software that allows collecting, processing, analyzing and transmitting data on hundreds of thousands of “connected” cars to customers. SDL has also developed its own telematics module, theft prevention solutions, a mapping service, scoring systems, ready-made basic solutions for creating fintech products, a professional fleet management portal, and custom mobile applications for car owners and drivers.

SDL Tools are ready-made solutions created on the basis of these developments that can be applied on a modular basis: combined, customized and adjusted to the specific goals of partner companies. If necessary, the SDL cloud infrastructure can be adapted to different specific requirements and integrated with almost any hardware and software solutions used in business processes.

SDL partner companies can use these turnkey solutions to build applications for car owners, car manufacturers, car dealers, leasing companies, car rentals, car sharing, insurance companies, and corporate fleets.Any services based on the Smart Driving cloud platform can be expanded with a customizable multi-level system for preventing theft and increasing return of stolen cars. It consists of four components that can be used both together and separately: monitoring the position of the vehicle on the map in real time with tools for automatic detection of leaving virtual geofences, wireless engine blocking, working with radio tags and remote control, hidden search beacon and working 24/7 dispatch center.

In order for SDL partners to launch their Connected Car services as soon as possible, SDL Tools includes access to the knowledge base, comprehensive technical and marketing support, staff training programs and certification assistance. SDL studies the business model provided considering the specifics of each partner’s business and offers an individual solution to match the requirements of clients and markets. Support extends to the localization of the product, including detailing and updating cartography, geoinformation data, translation of interfaces and auditing compliance with security policies.

More than 100 thousand vehicles in different countries of the world are already connected to the SDL cloud platform. SDL solutions are used in their services by Renault Groupe, BMW Group, Mitsubishi, Carlsberg Group, as well as by all leaders of the Russian leasing and insurance market.

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