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Apple patents app to locate underground parked cars

Published: August 26, 2014 | United States

Apple has planned a solution in the form of an app that reveals where your car is hiding. The app doesn’t need an internet connection – so the user will be able to find his car even if it’s lost in an underground car park.

Published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the filings show that the service – which would likely be integrated with Apple Maps – can accurately locate a car.And using device to car connectivity, an internet connection would not be needed. It’s believed the service will not be too dissimilar to that offered by Google Now.

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The app will be able to tell when the user is driving in a car, and can then work out when they have stopped and exited the vehicle.This lets it know that the user has parked, and it provides a ‘pin’ on a map so the car can easily be located accurately.The pin can also be manually removed or moved as needed.When the user then needs to return to their car, they load up the app and directions are shown for them on their iOS device. 

However, where it differs from Google’s service is that Apple would enable such location services without the need for a network connection or GPS. This could be done by connecting to the car via Bluetooth, allowing the app to direct the user towards it.

In the absence of internet, the app will use a few tricks to locate the car.For example, it can combine sporadic GPS data with information from an iPhone’s accelerometer to deduce how far the user is from the car.

There’s no news yet on when the service will be rolled out, but it is just one of several innovations that Apple is planning as part of its ‘Car Play’ initiative.It is planning to integrate other services like Siri into cars to make iOS and vehicles more connected than ever.

Source: Mail Online


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