Aptiv partners with Affectiva

Aptiv has signed a commercial partnership agreement with Affectiva to enhance perception capabilities in advanced safety solutions and “reimagine” the future of the in-cabin experience.

Aptiv is a technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions enabling the future of mobility.

Affectiva is known for its scalable software derived from deep learning architectures. According to the company, its patented software is the first multi-modal interior sensing solution to unobtrusively identify, in real time, complex cognitive states of vehicle occupants.

Built with massive amounts of real world data, the technology by the company claims to unlock deep understanding of the state of occupants in a car to deliver a highly flexible platform that will scale with evolving safety standards and future mobility needs.

The companies will be working closely together in commercializing advanced sensing solutions for OEM and fleet customers. To further support the commercial partnership, Aptiv has also made a minority investment in Affectiva.

Source: Press Release


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