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Audi to offer AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan in 2015 A3, S3, Q3 models

Published: September 11, 2014 | United States

Audi of America and AT&T will now provide owners of 2015 A3, S3 and Q3 models equipped with Audi connect the option of adding their connected cars to an AT&T Mobile Share Value data plan, starting Oct. 1.

With a Mobile Share Value Plan, customers can purchase a monthly allotment of data to share among their connected devices, including the all-new Audi premium compact and crossover models equipped with Audi connect. The access charge is $10 a month to add a vehicle to a Mobile Share Value plan, which is the same price that AT&T charges to add a tablet to an existing plan. This added to the list of current plans, Audi A3, S3 and Q3 drivers will be able to choose an option that best fits their data needs and lifestyle, whether they elect to dedicate data exclusively to their vehicle or spread it among a number of different devices or family members.


In January, AT&T and Audi announced a collaboration to introduce the first on-board 4G LTE service in the U.S. with the 2015 Audi A3. Current data plans for the 2015 A3 are competitively priced, starting at $99 for a 6-month plan with a data allotment of 5 GB, and $499 for a 30-month plan with 30 GB. The same 4G LTE data plans are also available on the newly launched Audi S3 performance sedan.

Owners of the all-new 2015 Audi Q3 will be able to sign up for the same data plan pricing. Also starting on Oct. 1, Audi and AT&T will launch a monthly data plan for 2015 A3, S3 and Q3 models. The new plan offers customers who are not eligible for the Mobile Share Value data plan a flexible alternative to the current longer term 6-month and 30-month plans. For only $20 per month, customers can access 1 GB of data per month.

Data Pricing Options (Starting Oct. 1 for 2015 A3, S3 and Q3 models)

– $99 for 6 months, 5GB of data
– $499 for 30 months, 30GB of data
– $10 per month for adding vehicle to an AT&T Mobile Share Value plan
– $20 per month, 1GB of data

Stand-alone prepaid data plans: Expire when full data allotment is used or the specified time period ends, whichever comes first. Payments are non-refundable. $20 plan includes access to 1 GB data for 30 days. $99 plan includes access to 5 GB of data for up to 6 months. $499 plan includes access to 30 GB of data for up to 30 months. Mobile Share ValueSM: Requires plan charge for shared data (min $20/mo. for 300MB) and vehicle access charge ($10/mo.). Additional charges apply for extra data and devices. Other pricing options, charges and restrictions apply.

Visit this website for more pricing details.

Source: Audi of America


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