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Dallas experiences V2I, “talking intersections”

Published: 11 November 2016

The traffic engineers and city officials in the Dallas area recently experienced connected vehicle applications that demonstrate Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) applications or “talking intersections.”


Trafficware’s Transportation Management System and Connected Vehicle Module currently installed in the City of Frisco is streaming real-time system and intersection data to Traffic Technology Services, Inc. (TTS) and Audi.

Spearheaded by the North Central Texas Council of Governments and in cooperation with the City of Frisco, live vehicle demonstrations of the technology will be part of the Texas Chapter of Intelligent Transportation Society’s 2016 annual meeting being held in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

“TTS has been at the forefront of V2I deployments around the United States and the world,” said Kiel Ova, chief marketing officer of TTS. “Now we bring our expertise to Texas and begin deployments in metro areas throughout the state, starting in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It’s fitting to have leaders like Trafficware and the City of Frisco kick-off our presence in Texas.”

“Working with visionary agencies like the City of Frisco and the North Central Texas Council of Governments has made V2I a reality for the driving public. V2I is here today with the help of Trafficware’s Connected Vehicle platform and the technological expertise of Audi and TTS,” said Jeff Spinazze, Trafficware senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. “We are thrilled that Trafficware has become a leader in the deployment of V2I technologies in Texas and around the country.”

The demonstration showcases technology that has been in development for almost a decade and is the first to market of its kind. TTS worked with the City of Frisco to supply and connect the City’s Connected Vehicle Module and deliver real-time traffic signal information, which is used in TTS’ patented process to predict traffic signal state changes. TTS delivers the SAE J2735 SPaT and MAP messages to customers, who then deliver the selected information to the vehicle using cellular communications.

Audi’s Connected Vehicle Application

The demonstration will showcase an Audi connected vehicle application communicating with the traffic signal infrastructure, and ultimately demonstrate how the technology can improve the way a motorist operates a vehicle and to enhance their driving experience. Drivers will experience two connected vehicle applications: Time-To-Green and Reduced Speed Recommendations. The applications are used by Audi for its Traffic Light Information service starting in 2017 models.


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