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LANXESS launch fuel savings calculator for fleet managers



GERMANY: LANXESS has launched fuel saving calculator for fleet managers, lower the fuel consumption of their vehicles and thereby reduce their operating costs. With its “LANXESS Vehicle Fleet Calculator”, the company is now offering a tool specially designed to calculate potential fuel savings for fleets.

Fleet operators can thus calculate individually how much fuel they can save by switching their vehicles to quality tires with low rolling resistance (“green tires”), the payback period for the investment and the reduction in CO2 emissions by their fleets. The comprehensive software also indicates the potential fuel savings and environmental impact of additional improvements such as the optimization of tire pressure, the front-end alignment of trucks and special driver training programs.

Axel Vaßen, a fleet expert and Head of International Public Affairs at LANXESS, said: “For operators of large fleets, an increase of even a few cents in the price of fuel results in several thousand euros in additional costs. At the same time, on account of increasing stresses on the environment, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by cars and trucks. Our new fleet calculator lets us show operators which fuel-saving measures produce the greatest benefits, both economically and ecologically. That not only helps fleet managers save money but also benefits the environment because less CO2 is emitted.”

LANXESS developed the Fleet Calculator in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich. The tool is available free of charge on the Internet.



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