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SiRFstudio Client LoCoMo API now available


CSR has announced announced the availability of the SiRFstudio Client LoCoMo API, which gives developers the tools to add location, as well as context-awareness of pedestrian motion, on any MEMS-enabled Android device.

LoCoMo API innovations are based on the concept of “Locomotion” allowing the differentiation between different modes of physical movement, such as walking and running. These capabilities can be used to distinguish applications in a number of categories, such as gaming and physical fitness. The LoCoMo API Software Developer Kit (SDK) comes with a fitness applet called “GoRun” developed by CSR to illustrate LoCoMo API capabilities.

“CSR sees a strong desire on the part of application developers to bridge the physical and virtual worlds,” said Ashu Pande, General Manager and Managing Director, Infrastructure and Services Business Unit (ISBU) of CSR. “Developers of games increasingly demand a means of incentivising physical activity with virtual rewards, and fitness application developers would like applications that can sense motion and classify and quantify physical activity throughout the day — not just during exercise routines.”

“With the SiRFstudio Client LoCoMo API, CSR is giving developers the benefit of our deep expertise in location and related signal processing so they may create compelling, differentiated applications,” he added.

LoCoMo API offers alternative location determination by providing Cell ID/Wi-Fi positioning when GPS is unavailable by utilising CSR’s cloud hosted Cell/Wi-Fi® Access Point Position Database and Motion (i.e. device heading, pitch, and roll) sensing. The LoCoMo API’s “Locomotion Context” capability is a significant advance over existing mobile phone pedometer APIs that force developers to assume a static human stride length. This approach creates significant error in the calculation of distance travelled, calories burned and other related values.

In contrast, the LoCoMo API automatically recognises if the user is walking, fast walking, jogging, running, ascending/descending floors via stairs or elevator/escalator, and varies stride appropriately. The LoCoMo API uses the gait context information, which can change constantly during the course of an exercise routine, to provide accurate calculation of distance travelled, calories burned and more. In addition, automatic classification of physical activity simplifies application user interface by reducing the need for users to manually identify their activity.

Interested developers may request access to the LoCoMo API/SDK by contacting CSR at

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