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Autotrack a GPS based vehicle monitoring system to track the movement of school buses

Published: August 3, 2014 | India

Bluechip Services International has come up with a new device called Autotrack to ensure safety and security of children and take this step to a next level. Autotrack is a Global Positioning System (GPS) based vehicle monitoring system integrated with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) for on board attendance. An RFID based card is given to each student, the student has to swipe this card at the RFID reader while boarding or getting off the bus.

Bluechip services has proposed to install GPS based fleet management system in school buses. Bluechip claims, with the help of the system in place school and parents will be able to track the location of the bus.

Autotrack sends SMS alerts to parents and teachers when the bus leaves and reaches the school and when the bus arrives at the drop point and the pickup point, management is alerted of the route and speed violations, MIS (Management information system) report can also be generated for detailed route deviation and route records.

The device is not limited to school buses; large organizations, educational institutes, manufacturing industries with large workforce are some of the beneficiaries of this solution. “By automating the attendance system the management can effectively calculate the work hours and time discipline of each and every individual,” claim the manufacturers.

The minimum cost of the software for attendance systems will be Rs. 1,25,000; the cost of one RFID card is Rs. 235; the RFID dongle with tab for 60 teachers will be Rs. 14500. Assuming a school has 2000 students the total cost Rs. 14,65,000 will be divided between them for the 1st year which adds up to Rs. 733 per student. From the second year it will be only the cost of the tag that will be charged. The Wi-Fi with GSM for the tabs has to be provided by the institution.

Cost for the vehicle tracking system with RFID for school buses will be 30,000. Monthly charges for the SMS notification to parents will be Rs. 799 per student. Additional SMS costs must be borne by the parents at Rs.0.35ps per SMS after the exhaustion of 10,000 free SMS’s provided with each installation. These rates apply only for tracking and SMS updates to the parents. Any other add on services will be charged extra.

Source: DNA India


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