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BMW Group introduces ‘Remote Software Upgrade’

BMW Group has introduced ‘Remote Software Upgrade’ that will ensure that the vehicle software in all BMW’s with Operating System 7.0 is updated at all times. It is available with immediate effect, and according to the company this feature will keep the vehicle fresh and is as easy as updating a smartphone.

The first upgrade, available successively in all BMW ConnectedDrive markets, includes the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, whose range of intelligent functions can now be expanded automatically and conveniently over the air. The additional functions of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can be activated for models such as the new BMW X5, new BMW 3 Series and new BMW 8 Series.

The company asserts that ‘Remote Software Upgrade’ offers vehicle-specific content and updates such as function extensions for driver assistance systems (e.g. Active Cruise Control and side collision protection). Subsequent upgrades will allow customers to source additional vehicle functions from the BMW ConnectedDrive Store and activate them easily in their BMW.

Future Remote Software Upgrades will regularly expand and improve the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant’s skills (free of charge). These cyclical updates include software adaptations and function extensions.

Source: Press Release


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