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BMW is introducing Skype in its car

BMW with partner Microsoft is bringing Skype for Business to its infotainment features, making it possible for users to connect to Skype meetings in the car. Earlier it had added Office 365 communications features to its BMW 5 series

BMW-Skype-T'wireThe reports say that Skype integration will be integrated into BMW’s iDrive system, allowing the users to join online meetings directly, as well as receive alerts about upcoming meetings, get alerts when meetings are changed, and start meetings automatically without requiring a driver to do any manual dialing in. This service will be first launched in Germany, France and the U.K then might be expanded to other markets.

We already know BMW iDrive system which gives the customer complete access to Entertainment, Navigation and Communications without all the dials and switches. iDrive features a single toggle Controller and seven keys.

As the cars get more and more connected and more autonomy features are added we will see growth in such kind of services aimed at increasing the productivity of the Driver, as the driving would not require a great deal of attention then. But such services and apps should be so designed that the issue of driver distraction is also considered, a fine balance needs to be maintained. In future, there will be a spurt in partnerships between automakers and companies which will offer totally different kind of products that we associate with cars now.


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