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BMW to deploy ConnectedDrive services and apps in Australia

Published: April 25, 2014

Australia: BMW Australia will introduce a new suite of in-car connectivity apps in its products from later this year which are set to revolutionise the way we drive.

Up until now, BMW Australia customers have had access to basic driver assistance functions but have not been able to fully utilise the brand’s so-called ConnectedDrive Services and Apps, which are already available overseas.

The former provides support to the driver in traffic and simplifies the driving experience. The latter, to be available in cars built from March onwards, will be operated via a permanently installed SIM card which allows the flow of data and voice transfer to and from the vehicle. BMW Australia general manager for marketing, Toni Andreevski, said the new technology would revolutionise driving in Australia.


“BMW ConnectedDrive provides the most comprehensive and innovative means of connectivity between the occupants, a vehicle and the outside world,” he said.

The exchanged data will enable the following services:

  • BMW Teleservices: Using on-board sensors, the vehicle detects when it is due for a service and notifies the data to the customer’s preferred service centre.
  • BMW Breakdown Call: Transmits vehicle’s diagnostic data and GPS positioning to roadside assistance specialists for evaluation.
  • TeleService Battery Guard: Alerts owner via text or email when the car’s battery is low.
  • Intelligent Emergency Call: If the vehicle is involved in an accident, a call is automatically initiated to the BMW ConnectedDrive Call Centre and all relevant data, such as vehicle position, direction of travel, risk of injury and vehicle status is transmitted to the centre.
  • A manual emergency call can be deliberately triggered by actively pressing a button which is housed under a flip cover in the headliner.  This device is designed to be used, for example, if the driver needs to summon assistance for other road users.

ConnectedDrive services: Including concierge services, real time traffic information and internet functionality for news weather and online searches. In addition, the technology will enable owners to remotely control the climate settings in their car, or discover the location of their vehicle within a 1500-metre radius.

BMW ConnectedDrive content is offered on a set subscription basis, meaning some services will be offered for the duration of the vehicle, while others will expire in as little as one year. According to BMW, the subscription fee for the purchase of the ConnectedDrive product – either purchased ex-factory or through the planned ConnectedDrive online store – includes unlimited use of the subscribed service for the duration of that subscription period.

BMW says customers will not need to undertake separate contracts with their mobile network provider.

Source: Drive



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