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BMW upgrades its ConnectedDrive for Brazil and LATAM markets, to be available in 2015

Published: September 24, 2014 | Brazil

BMW of Brazil brings an updated version of  ConnectedDrive technology. As part of the new system, starting in 2015, BMW vehicles will be equipped from the factory with a SIM card that will keep the vehicle connected to the Internet 100% of the time, without the need for pairing with your mobile phone driver.

BMW_Brazil_ConnectedDriveThe BMW ConnectedDrive services designed specifically for the BMW i are focused in the areas of navigation and power management. The Assistente de Autonomia is responsible for both the planning of the route as the path during trips already underway. If the destination programmed in the browser is beyond the range of the vehicle, the system suggests a change to the ECO drive mode ECO PRO or PRO + and calculates the most efficient route. If the driver you need to charge the battery, displays the list of available stations in the region.

The navigation system of the BMW i3 also has a dynamic display of autonomy, with exceptional accuracy, the driver provides reliable and updated information as whether there is enough to reach the destination and, if so, the amount of energy that will load remains the end of the journey. All factors affecting the autonomy are considered in the calculation process, which is performed on a server and sent to the BMW navigation system through the SIM card installed in the vehicle. One of the highlights of the navigation system is a visual demonstration on the map, which occurs quite objectively and in real time, the range of the vehicle.

BMW_ConnectedDrive_Brazil_InfotainmentThe connection between the driver and the vehicle also enters a new dimension in the BMW i3. The BMW ConnectedDrive BMW Remote app for i allows access via smartphone, to useful vehicle data for planning the trip. If the BMW i3 is connected to a charging station or BMW i wallbox (device reload), the power supply can be controlled via mobile phone, while the air-conditioning and heating function for the whole battery of high tension can also be activated remotely. In addition, customers can use their smartphone to send destinations to the vehicle navigation system. The display of limit of autonomy in the smartphone screen replica of the car navigation system. Among the innovations of the new ConnectedDrive platform, a highlight is the personalized Concierge Services, which when accessed offers numerous services for clients.

In addition, other features will also be available for the Brazilian market, including:

  • Mobile Care (integrated service);
  • BMW Online (Application Platform as Google Local Search, Street View, Yelp, Email, Weather, News, etc.);
  • Emergency call (activates the central and sends the exact location of the car, with an attendant accompanying the driver by phone in real time);
  • Real-time traffic, shown in the GPS during the chosen path (from November 2014);
  • Integration with smartphones (iOS and Android) through BMW Apps.

All facilities that have made the ConnectedDrive best technology platform in the automotive market will also continue. Among the options that remain are the BMW Teleservices, which provides more comfort and convenience to the customer. Through service, the BMW dealer will be notified by the system when the car must review and will contact the client to mark the day and time for entry into the workshop. If necessary, the aftermarket BMW can now order parts in advance for possible repairs, making the service even more agile and customized.

Now with the BMW Apps, the driver can stay on all the news of your favorite social networks, and monitor closely your datebook cell, with all the convenience of simple and intuitive controls of the system. Besides entertainment, the service also supports the various driving of the driver, as the notice of involuntary exit from the roadway, caused by a distraction, eg warning and collision control, with automatic activation of the brakes.

The system will be launched in Brazil, initially in the BMW i3 and i8 models that promise to revolutionize urban mobility.

Source: BMW do Brasil


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