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BMW’s ConnectedDrive suffers a major outage problem in UK

Published: July 25, 2014 | United Kingdom

The users of BMW’s car-to-phone interface ConnectedDrive are suffering a UK-wide outage that may also affect customers in mainland Europe.

BMW ConnectedDrive_UK_outage_offlineA user notified about this problem after he found himself unable to register for ConnectedDrive since around 19 July, getting confronted by an error message instead. These are all ancillary functions so the outage, although extensive, is only going to inconvenience drivers rather than doing anything worse. Nevertheless, the problem is still frustrating for those affected by it.

In response to his queries, the BMW i3 electric car owner was told by email that he was far from alone in experiencing problems.

“I am sorry that you have been experiencing difficulties with the ConnectedDrive application process. BMW (UK) Ltd are aware that there is currently a major outage issue and they are doing everything they can to resolve this matter.” 

A senior official at BMW said, “BMW UK, which had been using the same ConnectedDrive system for the last seven years, is currently updating its systems. BMW in Germany is migrating all the data from the old system to the new one, which, unfortunately has had an effect on the application part of our website. BMW UK hasn’t yet been told when services are likely to be resolved.”

The outage affects drivers’ ability to connect their mobile phones to their dashboards to make calls, emails and to control their GPS. The outage poses no risk to the safety of drivers.

However it will add fuel to the fire of critics who believe the car manufacturing industry is not prepared for the switch from hardware manufacturing to software implementation.

Source: Register


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