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Bosch enables CarPlay and MirrorLink compatibility for Suzuki vehicles

Published: November 10, 2015 | Stuttgart

Bosch is developing connected infotainment system for Suzuki models using Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink as backend standards.

The new system, which is a 7-inch color touch-screen displays  practical and convenient connectivity options in a single device, including smartphone integration via Mirror Link and Apple CarPlay®, advanced map navigation and voice control, a hands-free Bluetooth® system, and exceptional music enjoyment via audio-streaming or crystal-clear radio reception (with digital radio in Europe).


Function keys and knobs have been completely eliminated. The many options available in the menus – whether choosing radio stations, selecting music titles, pulling up navigation maps, or addressing telephone lists – can be easily and safely operated on the touch screen by pinching, swiping, or sliding your fingers on the screen.

By plugging into the USB slot, the smartphone can be recharged at the same time during the trip.In addition, the Suzuki system is able to read, analyze, and play back virtually any popular digital audio and video format. Thanks to Bluetooth® audio streaming, audio data can be transmitted wirelessly and played for a rich in-car music experience. Besides playing audio files stored on an iPod, USB flash, drive or SD card, the device can play back videos via USB or from an external DVD player.

The SD map navigation in the new Suzuki system uses precise, acoustic driving recommendations to guide drivers to their selected destination. Once the destination has been entered, the route is calculated instantly, and the maps and driving recommendations appear in easy-to-read 2-D or 3-D map views. Drivers can also select an “Optimized Route”, which is calculated to consume a minimum of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, it is possible to make side trips at any time to many different points of interest, including personal favorites (myPOIs), or to find a Suzuki partner anywhere in the dealer network.

Source: Bosch


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