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Bosch hosts the first ever Connected Car “Hackathon” for in-car app developers

Published: October 16, 2014 | Germany

Bosch is hosting a Connected Car Hackathon in Berlin on October 18-19, 2014 inviting developers of Android or iOS apps for the mySPIN smartphone integration solution. Bosch’s mySpin technology is powering the Jaguar Land Rover InControl app suite in some of its models like the Evoque.

The event will include a competiion for the best Connected Car app or app adaptaion for the car. Developers can bring their existing apps and use the Bosch SDK to enhance it. Jaguar cars will be available for use at the Germany event.

Interested folks can send an email to for further information.


About Bosch’s mySpin

mySPIN opens a window to the driver for OEM suppliers and offers personalized one or two-way communication with the customer by linking the smartphone to the vehicles’ infotainment systems. Link up your smartphone to mySPIN and operate apps through the vehicle’s touch screen, controller or steering wheel control. Once the head unit has integrated the mySPIN adapter, apps can be added without requiring head unit modifications.  


The apps are automobile-compatible, thus presenting the driver with only the relevant information and controlled via the vehicle’s touch screen or steering wheel control. The new system is fueled by apps, which are growing in number all the time. Already today a wide variety of popular apps are available.

The app interface has been optimized to be used in vehicles: focus is given to features that are important while driving. The driver will not be distracted by information overload. mySPIN enhances driving safety while giving access to a wide range of smartphone apps. These include the most popular media players, maps, calendars and contacts apps.

Source: Bosch SofTech



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