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Cadillac China adds smartphone mirroring to its CUE telematics suite

Published: December 02, 2014 | China

Cadillac China has launched a smartphone screen duplication feature which is to be added to its CUE telematics program.  With this, the content on smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices is completely mapped to the CUE system. This feature will first be available in Cadillac XTS 28T, SRX 3.0L and ATS-L 28T and other related models. Features include HD video synchronized playback, intelligent control of the phone screen and Easy Fun social media.

The Cadillac screen duplication kit works without external data lines and no disk copy. One can multi-point the CUE system 8-inch colour LCD touch screen to the smartphone screen to achieve synchronous linkage, enjoy all the applications in your phone App, including 1080P HD movie playback and lossless digital music, and even 3D games, truly “WYSIWYG.” The car audio kit by Cadillac Bose Centerpoint surround sound system and Bose ANC active noise reduction system can operate through the smartphone.


Cadillac screen duplication kit is not limited to the synchronization between the mobile device screen and CUE screen, but also on the big car screen for easy control of car applications and various types of mobile end devices. The front passenger can use the on-board big screen to answer phone calls, set the navigation route, view traffic and other operations. In addition, micro-channel chat, send microblogging, updates circle of friends, listening to music watching movies in the Cadillac can be supported by the screen duplication kit. The CUE 8-inch large touch screen allows owners to control apps on your phone more easily, but also enhance the safety of the driving process.

The Cadillac screen duplication package, relies on the CUE touch screen technology and high-definition display technology and the integration of WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology to show the smartphone’s display and large screen CUE display simultaneously, without delay.

In addition, as there is no external cable, it makes the interior spatial arrangement more simple and beautiful, and also means drivers do not have to worry about the impact caused by external devices while driving. In the hardware configuration, the Cadillac screen duplication kit CPU uses advanced manufacturing process technologies with performance improvement of 25% compared with ordinary car multimedia control system, power consumption reduced by 90% more video decoding capabilities, faster processing and more stable operation. Tonal transitions are smoother with more subtle color gradations, support for more multiple shades of gray, the color compensation is better, so that any smartphone screen can be perfectly presented on the large touch screen CUE.

Source: Cadillac China



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