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Cayote collaborates with Toyota and Allianz at Paris Motor Show

Published: October 08, 2014 | Paris Motor Show 

Coyote has announced partnerships with Toyota and insurance carrier Allianz. 

In partnering with Allianz France’s subsidiary Calypso the French company is diversifying its business offering towards high end insurance policies for its community members through its new program “Coyote Assure“. It is a first step for Coyote in the insurance business opening up the door to pay-as-you-drive and pay-how-you-drive policies. In that area Coyote has the advantage of already collecting 1.8 Billion location events per month that can be analyzed to help insurers evaluate risks on roads and offers premiums accordingly. 

The new software released at the show is completely cross platform while the company had previously favorized its consumer electronics business to introduce novelties. 

Coyote also announced that Toyota has embedded its service service in its new infotainment systems Touch 2 GO and Touch 2 Go Plus. This adds up to Renault, PSA, and Volvo that already have embedded the app into their in-dash applications line-up.  MirrorLink certification due in a couple of weeks from German test company 7Layers, Coyote will also have access to car dashboards from Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, PSA, Toyota and Honda that have embedded the standard in some of their latest cars. 

Coyote also said it is in talks with Apple and Google to integrate with CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Source: Cayote


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