Cellcontrol’s DriveID stops drivers from texting and using phones

From makers of the world’s leading technology to stop distracted driving, DriveID is the industry’s first and only driver identification platform – allowing Cellcontrol to accurately detect who sits in the driver’s seat, and only apply a safety policy to that individual’s mobile devices  – leaving passengers free to talk, text and browse.

Cellcontrol had earlier provided a solution for distracted driving which consisted of a module that plugs into the vehicle’s OBD II diagnostic port to capture driving data. It blocks the phone from being used while the car is in motion with a downloadable app. But the company’s new DriveID takes the technology a step further by replacing the OBD II module with a windshield-mounted sensor that can tell whether the phone is on the right or left side of the car, allowing or blocking phone use accordingly.

Slide behind the wheel, and phone use is limited to a predetermined menu of options such as navigation, music, or hands-free calls using Bluetooth. Pass the phone to a passenger and full phone functionality is restored. Emergency calls to 911 are allowed at any time.

The specific menu of what is and is not allowed while driving can be set up by a parent or other administrator through a password-protected page on the Cellcontrol website. A wide variety of customizable options allow the parent to make exceptions for certain numbers, such as their own, or prohibit any phone use other than 911 while the car is moving. Once everything is set up, incoming calls and text messages get a response saying the driver is unavailable, and voice and text messages are saved for later.

How it worksThe system provides fleet operators and parents a means of curbing dangerous behavior behind the wheel. The distinction between driver- and passenger-side addresses a common criticism of other antidistraction solutions. With the addition of DriveID, Cellcontrol continues to overcome industry usability challenges – providing the accuracy required for user-based insurance (UBI) programs and deeper distracted driving intelligence to protect drivers and their passengers.



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