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CES 2015: Intel to showcase IVI solutions integrated with Arynga’s CarSync OTA Updating platform

Published: January 07, 2015 | International Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Arynga announced  the integration of Arynga’s OTA updating platform, CarSync™, with the latest Intel® In-Vehicle Infotainment Solutions. Intel will showcase the integration at the 5th GENIVI CES showcase demonstration at the Trump Towers in Las Vegas, Jan. 6-7 from 6:00-8:30 PM.

Intel_IVI_Arynga_OTA_CarSync_GENIVIThe demonstration will showcase an AES encrypted OTA update to the Intel In-Vehicle Solutions. Ensuring a viable and fully integration solution, the CarSync In-Vehicle Gateway (CIVG) is integrated with the IVI Platform Message Bus and Package Manager in order to perform software and firmware updates on to the Intel In-Vehicle Solutions. In addition to this, the CIVG is integrated with the IVI Platform Certificate Manager to store and verify AES encrypted updates, and establish secure SSL connection.

New software updates are added to Arynga’s SyncPortal, the user interface to the CarSync BackOffice, and distributed to all affected vehicles through Arynga’s CarSync Management System, displaying an update notification on the Intel HMI application, Intel In-Vehicle Solutions.

The updates received by Arynga’s CIVG are initiated by the driver and installed by the IVI Platform Package Manager. Arynga’s CIVG will retrieve vehicle update reports from the Intel In-Vehicle Solutions, and display the status of the vehicle and current software version on the HMI application and SyncPortal. 

By providing a truly robust Infotainment platform, fully integrated with truly end-to-end OTA technology, Arynga and Intel are providing the industry with a solution which will:

  • Reduce development time and associated resources for system integrators implementing OTA functionality
  • Reduce vehicle software recalls and associated warranty cost for OEMs
  • Increase customer satisfaction by allowing for a seamless, connected driving experience
“In addition to providing the industry an additional option for a secure means of transmitting updates to vehicles, which has the potential to cut vehicle recalls and associated warranty costs, this CarSync solution may reduce the development cycle and associated resources for system integrators of the Intel In-Vehicle Solutions who require OTA functionality”
Greg Bohm, TSD Senior Manager – Strategic Enabling, Intel

OEMs are increasingly seeking collaboration and support from new strategic partners, especially given the need to manage the range of new technologies and services demanded by consumers today. The support and solutions sought by OEMs must remedy the eminent issues within the industry and help OEMs and the industry move forward as quickly as possible.

Source: Arynga


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