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China: Dongfeng and Huawei join hands on Internet-enabled cars featuring Windlink infotainment system

Published: October 21, 2014 | Wuhan

Huawei and Chinese passenger car OEM Dongfeng Motor have launched a project to develop Internet-enabled cars, beginning with the installation of mobile Internet devices into vehicles. Under the agreement signed between the two companies on Friday, Huawei will develop a product that can provide Internet access for five cell phones in the car. The “Windlink” terminal will also feature a nine-inch screen as well as satellite navigation and voice recognition services.

In the future, the two sides will try to make products that can “interlink the car with people, car with car and car with cloud.” They will also develop self-driving smart cars, according to the agreement.

Dongfeng AX7_Huawei_Connected_Cars

The first-generation Windlink screen will be installed in the Dongfeng Fengshen AX7, an SUV that is expected to hit the market in November.

Huawei will focus on product research and development and Dongfeng will focus on the integration and application of products.

“The cooperation with Huawei is the beginning of Dongfeng’s integration with other sectors and the development of Internet-enabled cars has entered the implementation stage,” said Zhu Fushou, president of Dongfeng.

“The Internet and big data technologies will restructure the research and development, production, logistics and marketing of cars.”

Source: Xinhua


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