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China: FAW Group selects Microchip’s MOST-compatible IVI microcontrollers

Published: December 03, 2014 | Changchun, China

Microchip Technology announced that the FAW Group is the first Chinese automaker to join the MOST® Cooperation. Microchip is also a leading provider of the technology behind MOST infotainment systems, and supplies the network interface controllers needed to deploy this high-speed automotive network. The MOST Cooperation (MOSTCO) is the organization through which MOST technology is standardized and refined so that it continues to stay abreast of the latest industry requirements.

Daimler also announced that it is adopting MOST for its S-class Mercedes Benz cars sometime back.


MOST technology provides a standardized way to interconnect audio, video, control and Internet Protocol (IP) information within modern vehicles. This latest adoption demonstrates its continued and growing acceptance among global automotive OEMs, with an installed base of more than 150 million MOST devices in over 170 car models since 2001. Some of its features are:- 

  • Uses a single interconnection to transport audio, video, data and control information
  • ??Supports different physical layers (fiber-optic, UTP, coax)
  • Supports 25, 50 and 150 Mbps
  • Provides the connectivity backbone to network a variety of multimedia interfaces

The proven MOST standard has gone through many cycles of deployment and refining, since it was established in 2001, which enables designers to hit the ground running with low development and implementation costs. Its efficient transport of audio, video, control and Internet Protocol (IP) information over a single connection allows simplified wiring harnesses and contributes to lighter vehicles with greater fuel economy. And, with the worldwide OEM adoption of this single standard, it simplifies both the overall implementation and the addition of new features by Tier 1 automotive suppliers.

Source: FAW Group


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