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Clarion adds AUPEO! Personal Radio on its Smart Access in-car platform

Published: March 04, 2015 | CA, USA 

Clarion has entered into a partnership with AUPEO! Clarion can round out its star Smart Access system, a range of driver-focused services accessible from the Cloud. Since the launch of its Smart Access Cloud solution last year (a service which provides access to on-line content), this Japanese brand has constantly worked to expand its offerings with applications accessible from its multimedia stations.


Heavily involved in on-board connectivity, Clarion has integrated Personal Radio by AUPEO! in order to expand its services and provide even more entertainment in your car. Now Clarion multimedia station users can take advantage of Personal Radio by AUPEO!, which won the 2015 CES Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Accessories/Control/Navigation product category. 

Personal Radio by AUPEO! provides drivers a personalized mix of not only music, but also sports, news, weather and traffic content with a touch of a button. Each user can further personalize content through the use of “Love” and “Ban” buttons. Vehicle owners using a Clarion Smart Access supporting device are now able to discover new features that include:

  • Mixed stations that combine music and talk content in a single feed
  • On-demand and personalized news, weather, traffic and sports
  • Advanced bandwidth optimization that allows the user to mix their own music into stations to reduce data plan costs
“We believe that every motorist needs for quality, safety and simplicity must be fulfilled, and with Personal Radio by AUPEO!® we are entering the next generation of in-car audio infotainment service. We are providing an intuitive, easy and safe online experience in the car – for an optimal journey”
Holger G. Weiss, CEO of AUPEO

Clarion is pulling out all the stops to provide on-board solutions that meet customers’ needs. As such, the brand offers fully adapted services that make driving easier and more enjoyable. The manufacturer also works hard to ensure that its products provide maximum safety on the road. Smart Access may offer users access to social media, navigation and information in their car, but Clarion’s top priority is to ensure that these do not place the driver, passengers or anyone else in danger, while at the same time providing a real benefit to drivers on the road.

Source: AUPEO! 


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