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Cohda selects Security Innovation to supply secure V2V communications on 2017 Cadillac

Published: November 19, 2014 | United States

Security Innovation announced that it has been selected by Cohda Wireless to supply secure communications software to Delphi Automotive for General Motor’s launch of V2V communications on the 2017 Cadillac.

Security Innovation’s Aerolink™ is the leading implementation of the US and European connected car standards and will provide security and privacy for Cadillac’s vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Security Innovation is working with global technology leaders NXP Semiconductors and Cohda Wireless to provide a fast and reliable security subsystem that delivers the promise of a significantly safer transportation system. NXP Semiconductors delivers the hardware security element, while Cohda Wireless supplies the complete software stack.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication is arguably the most significant safety improvement since the invention of the seatbelt. This technology extends a vehicle’s situational awareness to invisible threats. With each car receiving over 400 safety messages a second from cars up to half a mile away, this technology is projected by the National Highway transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA) to have the potential to affect up to 80% of unimpaired crashes and save over 1,000 lives a year in the United States alone.

“The key to acceptance and successful adoption of this life saving technology is trust in the system to provide security and to ensure privacy. We have worked closely with the US Department of Transportation, alongside the global automakers and their major suppliers to help design and implement a system that ensures that all V2V messages are secure and the identity of a specific vehicle or driver is protected.”Peter Samson, General Manager of the Security Innovation Embedded Security Business Unit

The V2V and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) movement has gained substantial momentum this year with the NHTSA decision in Februaryto move forward with plans to make Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology a mandatory capability for new vehicles in the United States. Additionally the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and the European automobile manufacturer’s Car-2-Car Communications Consortium have made significant progress toward incorporating V2X technology in upcoming model year vehicles. This is a truly global initiative, with developments and trials taking place in most of the developed world.

“Users must trust V2X systems to provide 100 percent protection against hacking and data theft,” said Andrew Turley. NXP, as the global leader in security chips for banking cards and e-government applications has many years of experience in security matters. Our RoadLINK ™ chipset along with the Cohda Wireless application software and Security Innovation’s Aerolink therefore set the industry standard for reliable, fast and secure inter-vehicle communication.”Senior Director of Innovation & V2X Program Manager, NXP Semiconductors

Security Innovation, NXP Semiconductors and Cohda Wireless have been working together for many years to demonstrate the value of V2V communication as part of the Ann Arbor Safety Pilot, the highly successful 3,000-car program in Michigan, the largest prototype implementation in the world.

“Cohda is supplying the complete software stack for Delphi, including the Aerolink libraries. As the world leader in Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) radios, we are pleased to team with Security Innovation, the most respected name in application and automotive security.”Paul Gray, CEO of Cohda Wireless

Security Innovation has been integral in establishing both the security and privacy of messages to be communicated between vehicles. Concerns over federal government tracking individuals, use of the data for monitor driving habits, and fears over malicious hackers causing accidents have been a consideration since the first version of the V2V communications draft. Security Innovation has been a thought leader for automotive security and privacy since 2005 and will further demonstrate this leadership with the inauguration of an Automotive Center of Excellence (ACE) later this year.

Source: Cohda Wireless


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