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CSR’s auto platform adds BeiDou and dead reckoning for enhanced automotive performance

Published: November 25, 2014 | California, United States

CSR plc announced two important software releases for the SiRFstarV™ 5ea automotive-grade quad-GNSS location platform. Support has been added for concurrent use of GPS and BeiDou (BDS) satellite constellations, along with major updates to the SiRFDRive® software dead reckoning algorithms. Together, these upgrades ensure that SiRFstarV™ 5ea offers improved automotive positioning performance meeting the requirements of leading OEMs across the globe.

By adding support for China’s BDS constellation to SiRFstarV™ 5ea’s existing GPS and GLONASS capabilities, the new software offers automotive OEMs the flexibility to perform concurrent GPS and GLONASS or GPS and BDS operations. The new BDS capability provides OEMs the opportunity to market their products to regions where BDS support is mandated and also exploit the benefits of the BDS satellite constellation which is now fully operational over China and surrounding countries. The SiRFstarV™ 5ea platform, which is optimized and certified for the strict requirements and life cycles of the automotive industry, is also Galileo-ready through future software upgrades.

“Automotive OEMs from around the globe all have something to gain from the new additions to our cutting edge SiRFstarV 5ea automotive Location platform. Tier Ones and OEMs are looking to develop global platforms that can be easily configured to meet regional requirements and preferences, while Asian car manufacturers in particular have been calling for simultaneous GPS and BDS support to meet regional market needs for BDS support.”Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group, at CSR

SiRFDRive for SiRFstarV 5ea now also includes CSR’s latest dead reckoning algorithms that work alongside concurrent GPS and GLONASS operations. The combination of increased satellite visibility and the latest dead reckoning algorithms improves the overall performance in challenging environments such as Chicago and Tokyo by a factor of two.   

SiRFstarV 5ea is designed for automotive market AEC-Q100 qualification requirements as a standalone location engine platform. The platform provides automotive Tier One suppliers and OEMs around the world with continuous, highly accurate positioning capabilities for the next generation of in-dash navigation and telematics applications in cars, trucks and other moveable assets requiring automotive-qualified devices.

Updated SiRFstarV 5ea evaluation kits are available now, and the SiRFstarV 5ea platform is ready for immediate integration into next generation infotainment and telematics products.

Source: CSR


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