Daimler joins the GENIVI Alliance making the roster to be THIRTEEN

Published: December 19, 2014 | San Ramon, CA

The GENIVI® Alliance announced that the Daimler Group has joined the Alliance, bringing the number of OEM members to 13.


The Daimler Group is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles.  Its brands include Mercedes-Benz cars, Daimler trucks, Mercedes-Benz vans, Daimler busses and Daimler Financial Services.

“We are delighted to welcome the Daimler Group to the GENIVI Alliance,” said Steven Crumb, executive director, GENIVI Alliance. “Their participation demonstrates that GENIVI is effectively delivering valuable solutions to the global IVI community, and we look forward to working with Daimler to continuously extend and improve the standard open source solutions base for automotive.”

GENIVI’s market momentum is growing as more auto manufacturers recognize the efficiency of standard solutions for the non-differentiating layers of the IVI stack.  Through its ecosystem and open source project initiatives, GENIVI’s technology enables auto manufacturers like Daimler to easily adopt and integrate infotainment solutions and production-ready components into their IVI systems.   Strong Tier 1 support for GENIVI technology has also validated its value, with solutions now available in all major automotive markets world-wide.

Source: GENIVI


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