France: TomTom launches Zones de Danger iOS app

Tomtom iOS app
Tomtom iOS app

France: According to a recent news, TomTom introduced Zones de Danger (Danger Zones), a mobile app for iPhones that targets the market in France. As in news, the TomTom had been so far keeping away from the French market with its speedcam warning application due to the cumbersome local law on that matter.

As per the source, the app provides speed limits and visual and audio alerts about “temporary“ (i.e. mobile speedcam) or “permanent“ (i.e. fixed and redlight speedcams) danger zones. These alerts are displayed even if the app is ran on the background with another app on the display.

The user can input or remove a danger zone through a button located at the top of the screen. The service gets updates every two minutes.


Source: Tomtom


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